Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yummy Jello Cake

My boy's are not big into cake at all, especially Cody but as I type they are making the most yummy of noises in the dining room with their cake and milk. We made this cake when we woke up and it is delicious! I rarely make dessert so when I do, it's a special treat!

Bake a cake according to directions, yellow or white.

Make Jello according to directions.

When the cake is done poke holes in the cake with a fork, a lot. Then add the Jello over top of the cake. Let it sit at least 3 hours to set up. Add whipped cream or Cool Whip, I added yellow food coloring to the Cool Whip. Instant summer cake that is light and oh so yummy!

Try this and Enjoy!

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