Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cody's Newest Obsession

So, the family has been listening to this song that goes a little like, "I dud my key into a side of a split off awaked to the other side seeeeat." Yes, we've been curious what our Cody was singing. So Troy and I did some investigating, we asked Austin finally who seemed to completely understand Cody, "yeah Mommy, he's singing a song from on demand." "hmmm", I thought so I investigated, he's been singing this song for weeks, after many questions we figured it out. It's none other than Carrie Underwood singing Before He Cheats. Umm Yeah, Cody has a crush on Carrie Underwood. He's got good taste and I can see Troy in the other room, Daddy's proud! Oh and big brother Austin, has a picture of Miss Carrie in his bedroom, he's crushing too!

Take Care!

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