Sunday, May 30, 2010

Getting ready for Jacob!

(The picture above is the bedding set, wall art and toy holder we got for him. THIS IS NOT HIS BEDROOM)

Slowly but surely we're getting ready in our house for baby Jacob. He will be here in about two months. I am due August 14th but I know I cannot make it that long.

Cody is moved in to Austin's room, so they now share a room. They have bunk beds and Austin and Cody really enjoy that. We bought some UK Blue paint to paint their bedroom. I am not looking forward to the painting part, AGAIN! but we'll get it.

Jacob's nursery is painted, the crib is put together and the bedding is washed and in place, the curtains are hung and various cute things are on his walls. I am still in the process of getting it all together but slowly but surely we're getting there. I still have to go through and wash all of Cody and Austin's old clothes that I have and put them away.

I hope you all are well!

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