Friday, October 23, 2009

My poor neglected blog

Hi everyone! I'm looking at my blog and the last time I posted to it was Austins first day of school, that would be 9 weeks ago, do you know how I know? Austin got his report card! I have such high hopes for this blog, I guess I need to be more proactive and make it more important to me, both of my blogs.

I wanted to post on here about my Austin and school, more specifically his report card. He made the Honor Roll! I am so very proud of him. He tries so hard to do well in school and it is paying off for him. Troy and I have a tendency to be strict on him. He needs the structure, my mom was pretty strict on me and I wish she were more strict and had pushed me harder. Troy and I each night, one of us work with him on his home work. Some nights it is such a struggle, especially with his math but he does it. He is a lot better at concentrating with his ADHD but it still is something we have to work at. I am just so proud to be his momma! I just have so many hopes for him, he just makes being his momma so wonderful. I am truly blessed to call Austin mine.

The night before his football team went to the playoffs, they played the Gators. The Gators are the only team the Sooners (Austins team) had lost to. The game was great, Austins team was very special, he had a wonderful coach who really knew how to handle himself on the field and show a boy how to deal with conflict, some of those coaches just scream at the kids and I know if he were my sons coach, Austin would not be playing for that guy. Anyways they ended up losing but they all were so great about it, the team shed tears, even the coach but it was a great season! I will miss those little boys, Austin is moving up to tackle football next year and will be on a completely new team. We cannot wait for that!

Well it is late, I must close.

Blessing to you all!

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